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This is

A brand new wave
of female

For women around the world, the tide is turning.

The change comes in waves.

From emancipation to empowerment, equal rights to the right to be different. And at WALLIEN, we love how one type of clothing reflects all these changes.

Rewind 60 years and on tv, you'd see women being judged by men in swimsuit competitions. On the radio, you'd hear songs making fun of insecure women in itsy bitsy bikini's:

"She was afraid to come out of the locker,

She was as nervous as she could be           

She was afraid that somebody would see"

Fast forward through the decades and you'll see swimwear change with the times. From provocative less-is-more 70s style to east-meets-west burkini's.


Now it's time for a new wave of swimwear that reflects how women of today feel. Swimwear that's about being more than a one-dimensional character.

That doesn't force women to fit any stereotype: sexy or clever, caring or strong.  

Swimwear that's functional enough to let you swim, splash, splatter and cross that aquatic adventure off your bucketlist.

And femine enough to make you feel sexy - not necessarily for anybody else but you! With styles to fit different body types -because today, there are endless ways to be a woman.

The tide is turning. And we're helping it. One swimsuit at a time.

Because today, with WALLIEN, no woman should be afraid ...

to get OUT THERE.

Better green
than sorry 💚

Fashion is a one the most polluting industries, so we take our responsibility and are taking steps every day to lower our environmental impact:

  • Our neoprene is made of limestone, making it more durable than the traditional oil based neoprene.
  • The neoprene production runs on 100% durable energy.
  • Our lycra products consist of 75% recycled materials. (eg PET bottles and fish nets)
  • We limit transport pollution by only working with manufacturers close to our distribution warehouse.
  • We only work with manufacturers that provide good working conditions for their employees.

Made in europe

All our products are meticulously designed by Madeleine Wallien in our Headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We source most of our fabrics from the best suppliers in Europe. And our garments are produced by the best artisanal ateliers in Europe. This way we are sure we supply you with high quality pieces that are ethically manufactured.

Designed in Amsterdam, Made in Europe.

Hand made for you with love from us ❤️