WALLIEN is inspired by and grateful to work with some wonderful female ambassadors who live, work and play in the element we all love.

“The sea is our yielding mother, harsh teacher, comforting womb, it is flow, it is meditation. Water is our element."



Nr 1 Team Rider and Brand Ambassador. 

Pro Surfer from Australia competing on the World Tour. Largest collection of positive vibes in one person. Likes yoga, vegan stuff and dogs (not in that order). Co-designs and watertests WALLIEN products for surf performance and fun.


Lou Peter


Living in Lacanou, France. Competing on local level in the surf and on world class level in waterski. Likes skateboarding and music (vocals & guitar) in her free time. The values she defends are: the protection of the environment (ambassador for the Water Life Community association) and the promotion of board sports practiced by women.


Lucy Bonnier


Living and surfing on the beautiful island of Martinique in the carribean.


Maddi Parker


Maddi Parker is from NSW, Australia and currently competing on the Women’s qualifying series and Pro junior tour. She is inspired to be a role model for the up and coming generation. In her free time, Maddi loves to play tennis with her mum. She is very thankful for surfing and the opportunities it has given her, such as exploring the world and making lifelong friends. 


Elin Geerlings


Started surfing in high school and became immediately stoked! Living in the Netherlands and therfore needs to fight the cold waters of the North Sea all year long. Loves to travel to more warm and sunny places to surf! Dreams of being part of the olympics some day and become a role model for other girls riding a shortboard.


Lilly Issberner

United Kingdom

Living in Newquay on the North coast of Cornwall, UK her passion is surfing and being at the beach. She enjoys sports, fitness and spending time with my friends. She's currently competing at local level with hopes to progress to the pro juniors in the future. Her goal is to become a professional surfer and travel the world.


Karolina Kluszczyńska


From Poland and living worldwide. For 8 years she was in National Sailing Team in Poland, trying to got the qualification for Olympics Tokyo 2020. In 2022 she decided to switch her sport from windfoil to wingfoil, where she now ranks 2nd in Wingfoil Racing World Ranking. 


Yandeh Sallah-Muhammed


Yandeh is a Gambian-Surinamese marine conservation researcher, diver, surfer & ocean advocate working to protect & conservation our oceans through work as the founder of the Gambian Marine and Environmental Conservation Initiative. 


Lune van Dijk


Lune got addicted to surfing when she lived at the beach in Morocco. Now back in the Netherlands, she is part of the dutch national team and participated in the World Championships in El Salvador and the European Championships in Portugal this year. She's stoked and eager to discover what the waves will bring the coming years.


Sofía Gooding

Canary Islands

Sofía and lives and competitively surfs in Lanzarote where she's part of the National England Squad. Her dream is to one day qualify for the World Tour. Her other loves include fitness, training and being close to the ocean as much as possible. When not training, she's enjoying the warm water at the beach at home.

Elena Sabatini


Elena is a kiteboarder, currently competing in the Kite foil World series. She started competing at 16 years old, and since then she's never stopped exploring different water sports disciplines. Her current love is kite-foiling. Besides kiting, she's studying sport science at university and is passionate about fitness.


Martina Escobar


Martina, a 17-year-old from Gijón, Asturias in northern Spain, has been passionate about surfing since she was 8 years old. She thrives on competition, participating in both national and international events. For Martina, happiness is found in nature, especially when connecting with the ocean, which she considers her safe haven.



In Senegal school is not compulsory so it's very common that children are illiterate. Also, families are very large and with parents both working, the children tend to be left to their own devices, resulting in unhealthy behaviour.

Surfkids Shredding Senegal Foundation is helping kids with their educational and sportive development. Kids are educated about a healthy lifestyle by physical training on and off the water with the goal to participate in the National Surf Championships. This keeps them off the streets and gives them a purpose.

Also, school fees and books are covered by the Foundation and school is followed up after school hours during surf practice. This helps the kids to prepare for a better future.

WALLIEN sponsors the foundation by supplying surf gear.