Nikki van Dijk Springsuit - Aquamarine Gradient


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Planet & Human Friendly

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Japanese Limestone Neoprene

Premium buttery smooth neoprene and the optimal combination of uncompromising warmth and best-in-class flexibility. More eco-friendly, lighter and has a longer lifespan than the "standard" petroleum-based neoprene. Can be recycled.

ProFlex System

Super stretch nylon lining, that feels soft to the skin combined with strategically cut panels guarantee maximum movement in all directions.

Easy Front Zipper

Sturdy plastic front zipper for easy entry. When closed it assures everything stays put during your wildest rides. Wear it open it for a more sexy look.

Reinforced Glued and Blind Stitched Seams

Built with glued and blind stitched (GBS) seams. This sewing technique penetrates the neoprene only halfway, keeping it waterproof. All stress points are reinforced on the inside with split tape to prevent tearing and make your suit last longer.

Function & Style


This wetsuit line is co-designed with and tested by Nikki van Dijk. 

Nikki is an Australian pro surfer and WALLIEN's Team Rider and Brand Ambassador. Surfing on the WSL Championship Tour, she can count herself amongst the top 20 female surfers in the world.

Combining Nikki's advanced surf experience with our unique designs and eco-friendly super flex materials, we created a collection that offers maximum surf performance and awesome looks. 



We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. That's why we limit our footprint in all the ways we can:


By using earth mined limestone neoprene, water resources are conserved, and the carbon footprint is significantly lowered due to a sizeable energy reduction for production.


The durability of limestone neoprene makes wetsuits last 2 to 3 times longer than their petroleum alternative. High-quality jerseys, zippers, stitches and glues further maximise their lifespan.


To minimise transport pollution, we minimise the distance between the source materials and the factory. And the factory is regularly audited for social compliance.


We wrap your wetsuit in a bio-plastic bag made from corn that is compostable and carbon neutral. And our transport packaging is made from recycled materials.


We make your shipment carbon-neutral by funding innovative companies that pull carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and store it.

Made to inspire confidence


Now why should you drop your style when hitting the water? Exactly, no reason whatsoever! 

We're on a mission to inspire confidence in your next surf adventure.

WALLIEN is recognised by many (fashion) media for the unique combination of superb style with great functionality and fit. 

Fits like a dream

Great quality suit, excellent design. I feel so comfortable and well covered. Moves well when getting active in the water. Great for sun protection in Australia. I recommend it highly.

Sarah M. - Verified Buyer

Great color and quality finishes

Great colour and quality finishes
on all zips and stitching. I get comments every time I wear it.

Carly W. - Verified Buyer

Fits perfectly with full movement

I was initially nervous about buying a wetsuit online without trying it on. I first dipped my toe in the wetsuit water with a WALLIEN Springsuit wetsuit and quickly realised a) that the sizing chart for Wallien is excellent as it fit so well and b) how incredible wetsuits were. I've had lots of lovely comments on the style.

Bec B. - Verified Buyer