Josie is a saltwater soul and surf photographer. Meeting other female surfers, photographers, or travelers just inspires her. Women are one when we move in the water, touch the water, and feel the water.

To her, women connect to the ocean in a special way, it's pure, elegant, and powerful. She finds that all who connect to the ocean, connect to one another.  Driven by an unstoppable search for freedom, nature, and connection.

Josie has been spending quite a bit of time in the ocean these last couple of years. You can find her surfing, riding my motorbike, taking photos, or swimming in the saltwater. The things she sees and tries to capture out there are just a glimpse of all that's out there. Raw stormy waves, calm water: the ocean changes constantly, just as we do as human beings. She hopes to meet you somewhere along this journey called life.

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