What is Green & Clean?

What is Green & Clean?

As we surf enthusiasts make use of the ocean, it is also our duty to protect the ocean and nature in and around it. We make the ocean our playground and we are grateful for what it provides us, but this interaction with the ocean also makes us responsible for ensuring it is kept healthy. On the Wallien Blog, we want to question what is green & clean. 

To start with, we would like to draw (even more) attention to one of the best-known and most significant movements out there: TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA. https://www.take3.org

The reason why we love Take 3 for the Sea is that it is easy to do and applicable to everyone! The concept is easy; every time you go to the beach, go for a swim, surf, or even take your dog for a walk, bring back three things that do not belong there! This includes discarded fishing gear, plastics, waste, etc. This is just one of the ways Take 3 for the Sea are fighting plastic pollution.

In addition to this great initiative, the website also accepts donations and provides a space to buy awesome merch (from which proceeds go directly to the cause). Furthermore, they are open about what they do, where their money goes, and what exact programs they are working on. A transparent company working on a good cause, but that is not all. One of the main reasons why this organization is at the top of our list is that they have a hopeful and hands-on focus on the future!

If you are a journalist, organization, or initiative striving for a clearer and greener ocean and want a spot on our site, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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