Surf That Damn WAVE

Surf That Damn WAVE

With travel on your surf-menu, we will provide you with some awasome surf-destinations, houses and camps. 

For this first release we spoke to Ripstar, an organisation that organizes surfcamps for adults. 

Ripstar started in 1990 as a snowboarding school in Austria. Since then, Ripstar kept growing and is now an action sports travel company based in Amsterdam. Ripstar focusesses on surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, skiing and more.

Since 2005, Ripstar specialized in organizing high quality surf camps. Ripstar has surfcamps for adults, teens and families. Each camp has their own destinations, crew and features that make it so attractive to join them. With Ripstar, you can go to Spain, Ameland (Netherlands) and France. But they are also happy to customize a trip to Bali, Sri Lanka or Morocco for you.

For France: there are camps in Le Pin Sec, Biscarrosse, Montalivet and La Côte Sauvage. For The Netherlands, there is a camp at Ameland. And for Spain, you can enjoy the beautiful campsite of Oyambre. Every camp consists of the same main features. It depends on the surroundings and what you want to do besides surfing, which location you will choose. France has more dunes and beach life, Spain is more green and has beautiful hills.

The camp sites consist of luxury lodges or tipi tents, a cooking team that is present to prepare you delicious meals, a surf bar, and high quality surf gear that you can use during and after the surfing lessons. In small groups, you will have surfing lessons from a certified instructor that lets you explore the waves by yourself and gives you the best advice to grow in this rather complicated sport. 

The sport will always be at number one at the Ripstar camps. The main goal of the company is to be number one in action sports traveling, which means that they take a lot of effort to keep the participants stoked. The camps are kept rather small, in most cases there are maximum 50 participants per week. Ripstar notices that a lot of those participants are women, but in general, everyone is welcome and the groups are always fun and cozy, and people make friends for life on the camps. 

Lastly, you may wonder how your day looks on the camps. Well, you wake up, you enjoy breakfast that is set ready for you. After breakfast, you can put on your wetsuit and go along with your surfing instructor to the beach, where you will have a two hour lesson. After rinsing off and having a little lunch sandwich from our bar, you can go chill at the beach, or enjoy one of the many activities the entertainers plan for the guests. If you like, you can take a surfboard and get back in the water to surf a bit on your own. 

In the evening, you get a delicious dinner and you can talk and have a drink with your friends and the other people on the camp. And of course, it happens that Ripstar decides to throw a party, those are of course always fun! Sea you in the waves!




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