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Hey you 👋. This is us. We are Madeleine en Olivier Wallien (siblings) and this is our story. We both enjoy the life outside, especially on or close to the water.

Madeleine goes out to sea almost every other week to spend time with her family in their small beach cottage. And Olivier lives right next to swimmable water, the sailing club and SUP rental. 

We were bored with water wear. Why is it always so blah? It's usually dark, dull and sober.

These days you can look great almost everywhere. Now, why should you drop your personal style when hitting the water?

Exactly, no reason what so ever!

We are on a mission to make water wear fashionable!




WIj zijn geweldig enzo. 

Our garments are suitable for an occasional day at the beach or by the pool. But they are also perfect for various watersport occasions such as surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUPing, sailing and swimming.

They are highly flexible for active movement and provide you with ultimate UV protection. All of our pieces were co-designed and tested by water sport enthusiasts.





Since we are both parents we want to leave the planet in a better shape than how we found it. And we know that fashion is a very polluting industry, so we feel we have to take our responsibility. We are taking steps every day to have a lower impact. These are some of the steps we have taken so far:

  • Our neoprene is made of limestone, making it more durable than the traditional oil based neoprene.
  • The neoprene production runs on 100% durable energy. 
  • Our lycra products consist of 75% recycled materials. (eg PET bottles and fish nets)
  • We limit transport pollution by only working with manufacturers close to our distribution warehouse.
  • We only work with manufacturers that provide good working conditions for their employees.



All our products are meticulously designed by Madeleine at our Headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We source most of our fabrics from the best suppliers in Europe. And our garments are produced by the best artisanal ateliers in Europe. This way we are sure we supply you with high quality pieces that are ethically manufactured.

Designed in Amsterdam, Made in Europe.

Hand made for you with love from us ❤️

Madeleine en Olivier Wallien